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Rundfunkbeitrag (GEZ)

1) You received a letter like this after some weeks:

do not throw it away! Better reply correct
You can do it here: Anfrage zur Beitragspflicht beantworten
or here: Abmelden
Insert your Aktenzeichen 10 digits and your postal code e.g.
Schwieberdingen HE50: 71701
Muenchingen S33: 70825
Kornwestheim S129: 70806
Markgroeningen G24: 71706
Zazenhausen E5: 70437
see picture:

2) fill out all tabs and enter my name (Jan / Veerman / GEZ-Number see below)

Schwieberdingen HE50: 541162115
Muenchingen S33: 607543812
Kornwestheim S129: 541162115
Markgroeningen G24: 541162115
Zazenhausen E5: 541162115

3) tell them that you live inside a WG and it is already payed.

4) In case of problems try to call them and ask other people in your WG. If non of them can help you, you can ask me.

If you do this you don't need to pay any money and you don't get any problems in the future.
Good luck

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