WG Veerman

FAQs Jan Veerman WGs

1) Check-in

  1. My contract starts from 1st of ... can I already come more early?
    Answer: Sometimes your room will be free already before the 1st of the month. Please contact your previous room mate and ask him if you can come more early.
    In this case you should pay for each extra day 10 euro to me. Just let me know before. (Just one day earlier is for free)
  2. How can I get the keys?
    Answer: I will put you in the WhatsApp group of the WG, so you can ask them one or two days before you come, if they can open the door for you.
    (Normally during working days in morning between 7am and 8am or evening between 7pm and 10pm). The keys are in your room.
    In case nobody is there to open the door, you can collect second keys from me in Schwieberdingen but you should bring it back within one day.
    Make sure that you have transfered the deposit latest at the day when you take the keys.
  3. How can I pay the first rent and deposit?
    In case you have no german bank account, ask friends to transfer the money for you.
    Mention your name, WG-name, and room number see also contract.
  4. How can I get the WLAN password?
    You can get the WLAN password only if you have agreed, signed and send the WLAN contract to me via mail.
    Show this signed contract to the others in the WG, then they are allowed to give you the password.
  5. Can I leave some luggage some day's or weeks before I move in?
    Answer: Normally not. Only in case your previous room mate accepts to keep your luggage in his room. It is not allowed to keep luggage in the floor.
  6. Where can I put my stuff?
    Answer: Inside your room. Food inside the kitchen cupboard and refrigerator with your room number. Only bicycle in the basement.
    Hint: Ask the others about the cleaning plan or establish one together with them. It's a good manner to introduce yourself to the others as a new member of the WG.
  7. How much is the deposit?
    Answer: See inside your contract. It is one month rent.
  8. Can I cancel the already singed contract before comming?
    Answer: When you really can not come you can cancel the contract in this case you should pay one month rent and let me know asap.

2) Check-out

  1. What shall I do?
    Answer: Remove all your stuff from kitchen, refrigerator and your room. Clean it all and send me the pictures via WhatsApp. Put the keys on the table inside your room and send me a picture.
    Tell the others in the WG that you leave and discuss with them the cleaning plan.
  2. Wow do I get back the deposit?
    Answer: In case your WG works fine and nothing is destroyed, I will let you know that you don't need to pay the last month rent, I just take the deposit.
    Else I will transfer the deposit on the last day.
  3. Can you send me the post to my new address?
    Answer: No sorry. The best way is to request for a Nachsendeantrag. You can also ask someone in the WG who will open the letters for you and send you a picture.
    Your name will be removed from the post box latest after one week when you moved out.
    If you want your name on the post box inform your next room mate to stick your name manually, he should collect all post for you. If you stay registered pay 10€ per month for the rubbish and inform me.
    Your successor is responsible for your post please don't ask me for your letters. With Nachsendeantrag you will get all your letters to your new address indepenend where you are registered.

3) During stay

  1. I got a bill for Radio 'Rundfunkgebuehren' what shall I do?
    Answer: see GEZ
  2. I got a bill for rubbish 'Abfallgebuehren' what shall I do?
    Answer: see AVL
  3. A friend want to visit me what needs to be considered?
    Answer: see Visitors and Subrent
  4. I will leave more early or I am in long time vacation can I subrent the room?
    Answer: see Visitors and Subrent
  5. Water is comming out of the refrigerator. What can I do?
    Answer see 1) Video refrigerator
  6. Heater is cold. What can I do?
    Answer see 2) Video heater
  7. How to change the lamp?
    Answer see 3) Video lamp
  8. How to change vacuum cleaner bag?
    Answer see 4) Video Vacuum cleaner
  9. Smoke detector beeps. What can I do?
    Answer see 5) Video Smoke detector
  10. Water drain clogged. What can I do?
    Answer see 6) Video Water drain clogged
  11. Can I use my own refrigerator in my private room?
    Answer: Yes for additional 10€ per month it is possible
  12. How can I extend my contract?
    Answer: just discuss with me via WhatsApp. Extension will be reflected on the homepage.
  13. My room is very small can I put some bags in the basement or attic?
    Answer: No this is not allowed. Only bicycles can come in the basement and furniture of the WG which is not used (e.g. when you have your own bed but please discuss this with me before)
    In S129 you can get your own small attic room for 10 euro per month, just ask me before.
  14. The WG is not clean enough?
    Answer: Call all people together in the evening and create a cleaning plan with dates what has to be cleand by whom and when.
    Discuss together what you can do in case someone is not able to clean. E.g. help him and show him how it works or recommend him not to use the kitchen and eat outside where other people clean his stuff.
    If nothing works just let me know and I will quickly find a solution which works but leads to more effort for all of us.
  15. I have a guest can he use the WLAN password?
    Answer: Better not. This is a high risk for all of us. Only in case it is really necessary the guest should agreed, signed and send the WLAN contract to me via mail.
    If I agree and we can really trust in him, then he can get our password.
  16. WLAN does not work what can I do?
    Try reset. Disconnect from electric 10 minutes and start again. When it still does not work call hotline and let me know.
    Hotline number: 0221-46619100, birthday Jan: 18.07.1977
    HE5020366500571701 Schwieberdingen1000 MBit
    S3327767160170825 Münchingen100 MBit
    S12942190370170806 Kornwestheim1000 MBit
    G2478023150271706 Markgröningen1000 MBit
    E520011470370437 Zazenhausen500 MBit
    S5833023890670372 Bad Cannstatt100 MBit
    S5220021660470435 Zuffenhausen100 MBit
    K7632156060370439 Stammheim500 MBit
    S57EG20021480570435 Zuffenhausen1000 MBit
    S57OG00196098651370435 Zuffenhausen175 MBit
  17. What else we should take care?
    Answer: see Safty rules