WG Veerman

Safety instructions in our WGs. They will protect you and your flat mate’s life.

1) No fire, no smoking in our WGs. Never use candle alone never inside your room.

2) Shut-off Kitchen stove when you leave the kitchen.

3) After cooking clean up stove.

4) Clean up filter of exhaust hood frequently (every 3 month).

5) Close all windows when you leave the flat.

6) Check water dropping frequently and inform landlord in case of problems immediately.

7) Do not use multiple socket in series (only one per plug socket). Never use electric heaters.

8) Never store uncovered open food in your room, clean up the WG frequently to protect it from pest infestation like rat, mouse.

9) No illigal streaming in our WLAN (see stoererhaftung-vermeiden-vertrag.pdf).

10) Cooking only in the kitchen, no using of rise or water boiler in your private room.

One hint: In germany healt insurance is very important also “Privathaftpflichversicherung” can help you for many problems but it will not pay in case of burning. Hope this instructions helps you to prevent it.