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Ich bin der Weg, die Wahrheit und das Leben. (Joh. 14,6)

Concept of WG Veerman

1) 71701 Schwieberdingen, Hermann-Essig-Str. 50 since Jan 2011 (HE50)

roomsizerental feebooking sincebooking in HE50gendernation
1-3148m^2-€01.01.2011occupied till unlimited--
48m^2270€01.03.2020occupied till 30.09.2020maleIndia
510m^2290€01.11.2018occupied till 31.01.2021maleIndia
615m^2340€01.07.2020occupied till 31.01.2021maleGreece
710m^2290€01.03.2020occupied till 31.08.2020maleIndia
88m^2240€01.04.2020occupied till 30.09.2020maleIndia
GR19m^2250€01.06.2019occupied till 30.09.2020maleIndia
GR26m^2220€01.06.2020occupied till 30.11.2020maleEthiopia

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2) 71701 Schwieberdingen, Stuttgarterstr. 100 since June 2013 (S100)

roomsizerental feebooking sincebooking in S100gendernation
1-378m^2815€01.06.2013occupied till unlimited-Bulgaria

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3) 70825 Korntal-Münchingen, Stuttgarterstr. 33 since March 2016 (S33)

roomsizerental feebooking sincebooking in S33gendernation
115m^2340€16.09.2017occupied till 31.10.2020maleGermany
218m^2370€01.04.2020occupied till 30.09.2020malePakistan
315m^2340€01.09.2019occupied till 31.10.2020maleIndia
413m^2320€01.05.2020occupied till 31.10.2020maleGermany
511m^2300€01.05.2020occupied till 31.10.2020maleIndia

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4) 70806 Kornwestheim, Stuttgarterstr. 129 EG since June 2017 (S129)

roomsizerental feebooking sincebooking in S129EGgendernation
112m^2330€01.10.2019occupied till 30.09.2020femaleColombia
214m^2350€01.03.2020occupied till 31.10.2020maleGermany
38m^2290€20.08.2020occupied till 31.08.2023femaleMongolia
48m^2290€01.09.2019occupied till 28.02.2021femaleColombia
514m^2350€01.09.2019vacant after 31.07.2020femaleColombia
612m^2330€01.04.2020occupied till 31.03.2021femaleColombia

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5) 70806 Kornwestheim, Stuttgarterstr. 129 OG since Sep 2017 (S129)

roomsizerental feebooking sincebooking in S129OGgendernation
713m^2350€01.06.2020occupied till 31.03.2021maleIndia
815m^2370€01.03.2018occupied till 31.10.2020femaleColombia
98m^2300€01.10.2019occupied till 30.09.2020femaleMadagascar
1012m^2340€01.03.2020vacant after 31.08.2020maleGermany

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6) 71706 Markgroeningen, Grabenstr. 24 DG since Feb 2018 (G24)

roomsizerental feebooking sincebooking in G24DGgendernation
116m^2340€01.02.2019occupied till 31.10.2020femalePakistan
214m^2320€01.10.2019occupied till 30.09.2020femaleIndia
312m^2300€01.08.2019occupied till 31.08.2020malePakistan
419m^2370€01.11.2018occupied till 31.10.2020malePakistan

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7) 71706 Markgroeningen, Grabenstr. 24 OG since June 2018 (G24)

roomsizerental feebooking sincebooking in G24OGgendernation
511m^2300€01.05.2020occupied till 31.03.2021malePakistan
615m^2340€01.05.2020occupied till 31.03.2023maleGermany
78m^2270€01.05.2020vacant after 31.08.2020maleMexico
88m^2270€01.04.2020occupied till 30.09.2020femaleCameroon

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8) 70437 Zazenhausen, Entenweg 5 since Feb 2019 (E5)

roomsizerental feebooking sincebooking in E5gendernation
118m^2410€01.04.2020occupied till 31.03.2021maleBangladesh
213m^2360€01.08.2020occupied till 31.01.2021maleIndia
312m^2350€18.05.2020occupied till 30.09.2020maleGermany
411m^2340€01.10.2019occupied till 31.10.2020maleIndia
516m^2400€01.10.2019occupied till 31.08.2020maleSyria
610m^2340€01.09.2019occupied till 31.01.2021maleIndonesia
710m^2340€01.04.2020occupied till 30.09.2020femaleChina

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9) 70372 Bad Cannstatt, Schmiedenerstr. 58 since Sep 2020 (S58)

roomsizerental feebooking sincebooking in S58gendernation
114m^2390€vacant from 01.09.2020
214m^2390€vacant from 01.09.2020
37m^2320€vacant from 01.09.2020
47m^2320€vacant from 01.09.2020

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10) 70435 Zuffenhausen, Strassburgerstr. 52 since Oct 2020 (S52)

roomsizerental feebooking sincebooking in S52gendernation
110m^2390€vacant from 01.10.2020
214m^2430€vacant from 01.10.2020
312m^2410€vacant from 01.10.2020

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Mietvertrag Template:ContractTemplateOhneKNr.docx
WLAN usage:stoererhaftung-vermeiden-vertrag.pdf
Dryer usage (only in HE50):DryInstructions.pdf
Rubbish timetable 2020 (for HE50):AVL_HE50_Termine2020.pdf
Rubbish timetable 2020 (for S33):AVL_S33_Termine2020.pdf
Rubbish timetable 2020 (for G24):AVL_G24_Termine2020.pdf
Rubbish timetable 2020 (for E5):GS_E5_Termine2020.pdf


Rundfunkbeitrag:hints for GEZ
Abfallgebuehren:hints for AVL
Safety:hints for safety
Visitors/Subrent:rules for visitors and subrenting

vacant from/after ... (you can ask me to get the room)
reserved after ... room is already reserved by an other one
occupied till .. (someone is living in it who may extend his contract)

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